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National dailies from South Africa

The Weekly Mail & Guardian The Electronic Weekly Mail and Guardian Independent Mail & Guardian The Star Business Day Business Times Financial Mail Business Report Cape Argus Cape Times Financial Mail Mail & Guardian Online The Times City Press Rapport Sake

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Western Cape

Overberg Venster Cape Argus Cape Business News Cape Talk Cape Times City Vision West Cape Die Burger Die Son Landbou Weekblad Metro Burger Sake Cento Sport Tyger Burger People's Post Witzenberg Herald Distriks Pos District Mail Hermanus Times Paarl Post CXpress Edge Eikestad Nuus Die Weslander Standard

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Enca ANN7 CBN Africa Planet SABC Times Live Spirit Word Redemptiontm TV My Celebration TV Divinet Ruth TV Love World Sat My Faith TV ITV Networks Kruiskyk TV Ezekiel TV Channel Ancient of Days TV Business Day TV Channel Africa RadioE News Channel Africa TVSA FM RadioSABC Radio TVSuper Sport TV